Free Font: 232 MKSD Round


Maniackers Design creates a great free font in three weights. 232 MKSD Round is the great name, available in Light, Medium and Bold for Mac and Windows.



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  1. michael

    Hi, I think this font looks really good.
    I had a problem trying to load it. I loaded the three font files. They appear to be loaded in the right spot with ally my other font files but only the bold one worked. I’ve tried reloading a few times. Usually the font loading works. Any ideas what I may be doing wrong? I am using Windows Vista.

  2. roy

    Same issue with me. It doesn’t load the bold-weight. I am using Vista. I guess it’s a Windows problem, I noticed similar issue earlier in Windows XP also.

  3. michael

    I uninstalled the font and just installed the medium one this time by itself, and it worked. I just seem to be able to have only one of either light, medium or bold installed at one time.
    The three items all seem to have the same 232MKSD name. Would giving them a slightly different name each help to make it work?
    For example 232MKSDL, 232MKSDM, 232MKSDB.
    Forgive me if this is basically wrong, I have no experience in this sort of thing.

  4. Kaiya

    hey guys, i had a problem just getting the right file. i tried to get it but it kept giving me a .sit file. i’m using a mac if that changes anything. i was wondering if you guys would just send me the files and save the trouble. it would be MUCH appreciate!


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